The Week The Turkey Drove Me Nuts


I don’t know how all of you across the pond still eat turkey after seeing countless recipes with it on social media and being stalked half to death with how to’s, dinner party tips and tricks, grocery lists and just endless thanksgiving stuff. Of course, I didn’t grow up with it so I don’t know how it is. Anyhow, as this is just a regular week here in boring old Europe I had regular boring food.

Monday I made a thai curry with rice. I have totally hacked the curry making process and I will share this with you in a blog post very very soon.

Tuesday was fish with tomato sauce. I had bought some frozen whitefish last week so in order to save some money on groceries I figured I’d use it this week. I went to the market on Saturday and got a bunch of great veggies. Including a fresh bunch of basil that was so fragrant I couldn’t open the fridge without smelling it and thinking ‘I can’t wait to cook with that’. I made this recipe and tossed some potatoes with the basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, and two cloves of garlic. Then I put that in the oven at 200C for about 45 minutes to bake the potatoes.

Wednesday I was feeling a little under the weather, so I made myself some chicken soup and garlic bread. For the bread I didn’t go through the trouble of making my own (for once). I got a storebought bread, some margarine, two cloves of garlic and some parsley and made a quick garlic butter. I cut the bread into slices, not slicing all the way through the bread, and spread the butter in between the slices. Then I wrapped the whole thing in aluminium foil and baked it in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes. The soup will be online on Tuesday. It’s a real treat when your’e not feeling the best and it’s so simple you can even make it when you’re not feeling well.

Thursday I reheated chicken soup for myself as I wasn’t quite back to myself yet.

Friday I made a classic in my house: lentil soup. I use this recipe, but I don’t really use measuring cups, because I don’t have those. I find it works to use about half a large onion, 2 tomatoes, 150 grams of grated carrots, half a bunch of scallions, 250 grams of lentils, and two medium potatoes on about a litre of water and two stock cubes. To make it a little lighter I often leave out the chorizo, and I always skip the coriander cream (obviously). Adding a bit of fresh cilantro towards the end of the cooking time is a nice addition though.

Today my cooking was on fire, I made banana muffins for breakfast coming week, oatmeal bake to freeze for breakfast when I’m going to Las Palmas and fresh bread according to this foolproof recipe – the water still went everywhere (foolproof maybe, but klutz-proof not so much), but the bread turned out well, I used about a third of the recipe, which made a very small loaf.

I think I may have located a spaghetti squash at the market so I’ll be trying that one out coming week (yay).

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