The week after Halloween

meal plan chalkboard styleThis week tomato was prominently present in my cooking. From cherry tomatoes in the Gyro bowls to tomato soup and tomato based chickpea curry. The nice thing about tomato, though, is that it is so versatile. I never got sick of cooking with the tomato, or eating tomato, and I could buy a bunch of them at once and they’re cccheeeeaaap (which was a blessing because I only get paid on the 2nd of the month, so there was a little month left at the end of my money).

Also lots of chickpeas this week, because chickpeas are awesome (and also cheaper if you buy larger amounts). So let’s get into it.

Monday I made these gyro bowls. I made some changes though. I left out the pickles, because I didn’t have the time. You don’t really need the yoghurt based sauce, I just added a bit of olive oil and it was still perfect, mostly because the fresh parsley adds a lot of flavour. I love the spice rub, it really makes your chicken taste amazing. I also exchanged the kale for spinach. I’ve had it with kale before as well and it’s both really tasty, just depends on your personal preference. Also if you make a little more you can totally have a super tasty lunch for three days afterwards.

Tuesday I made this chickpea curry with rice. It was the first time I made it so I didn’t change much. I swapped out the yoghurt for some more tomato sauce, which worked fine. If I had access to soy or coconut yoghurt I would have used that though. I also don’t have access to garam masala, so I had to approximate it with spices I had on hand, which went something like this. All in all I really loved this recipe. I’m a big fan of curries and of chickpeas so this was the perfect combo. I used the spinach I had left from the gyro bowls from Monday, so everything lined up rather perfectly.

Wednesday I felt like making soup, so I made this one. Creaminess without the dairy!! I was in love with this one. I made it pretty much exactly to the specifications and it came out perfect. I baked some olive oil and garlic onto some breads and we had ourselves a feast. We were a little too warm after because it’s not exactly soup whether here yet. November is pretty much synonymous with soup for me though so we had to power through (secret: we really didn’t mind).

Thursday was improv day. I had some broccoli left in the freezer and a fridge that was rapidly running out of ingredients. I started from the broccoli, which is very tasty and all good and well, but I need some calories in there. Then I realised that I had wanted to make sweet potato fries for a while. I settled for a sweet potato broccoli oven bake. Basically I just put two sweet potatoes, whatever broccoli I had left (I think about a head of it), 3 cloves of crushed garlic, one sliced onion, olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika powder on an oven dish. I put it in for about 40 minutes on the grill setting at 250 degrees. What came out was crunchy broccoli and soft potato with a garlic and paprika taste. It easily fed three of us and I have some left for lunch today (which I’m honestly looking forward to).

Today is Friday and I honestly hadn’t thought this far when getting my groceries on Monday. I do still have a tub of the leftover chickpea curry in the fridge, so tonight I might just warm that up while baking cookies and brownies for the weekend.

Next week I’m going to try to make sweet potato gnocchi. I’ll probably do some kind of pasta dish and for the rest I’m not sure yet. It’s always a surprise until meal planning on Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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